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Cat Show Photography at CAT LOVERS OF NEW ENGLAND CAT CLUB 1st annual Bazaar 2023.

This weekend I had the amazing and otherworldly opportunity to be the cat show photographer doing my style of formal studio cat portraiture. I had my backdrop and lighting setup arranged in a small back room away from the din of excited visitors and the constant song of 118 meowing cats hailing from around the globe.

Some of my cat subjects were already pro's in front of the camera. Some cats were literal scaredy cats. Regardless of the personality, I worked at the cat's pace to make a work of art that reflects that cat's individual personality. For me, photography can be so much more that just making a likeness of something. For me, photography is a way of exploring more deeply into the soul of a subject.

Cats are like living breathing works of art. I was struck by the diversity of the exotic breeds present at the show. Long and short hair. Tall ears, curled ears. Lean and limber to solid and squat.

As a pet photographer, I'm looking for that one moment when that momentary gesture that pet parents will cherish for years to come.

Like a living sculpture, this cat reminds me why the ancient Egyptians crafted the Great Sphinx.

Everyone from the Pharaohs to the common folk revered cats for their utility and their grace.

Cool calm and collected.

Cat photography is like herding cats!

cat photo shoot
Leaping for joy

Cats being Cats!

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