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Dog photography for dog birthdays...

Updated: Dec 4, 2023

Like many dogs, Margo, is a rescue dog. She is full of nervous energy and tenderness. Each dog photo shoot is different because each dog is different. Margo's birthday was just a few days away and Margo's human really wanted some amazing dog photos for her upcoming party! Dressed in her best Barbie pink polka dot bandana, Margo let her personality shine to the camera and a lasting portrait was created.

Some humans out there may be scratching their head wondering if their furry friend would be behaved enough to get good photos. They may wonder if it would be even worth it.

Dogs do not need to be trained to have wonderful portraits made of them. It is possible with speed, observation and patience to capture fleeting expressions that you will always remember your pet by.

I have made dog photos from different rescues around Boston, MA and each photo shoot goes at the pace of the pup. To further increase your furry friends' comfort, the photo shoot will happen where your pup actually lives. While at their home they can avoid any awkward stress of being introduced to a strange new studio location to have a photo shoot.

The result is a beautiful work of art you can cherish for the as long as you live.

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