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Zen and the art of Cat photography

Updated: Dec 4, 2023

Cat portraits are only possible when the photographer is truly in the present moment. The photographer must closely observe the mysterious cat to capture those fleeting moments.

This is Mia.

Curious, precocious, playful.

Because Mia's owners trusted my vision, we were able to co-create fine art pet photographs that will stay close to the their hearts forever. These pet photographs are a character study in your furry friend's personality.

Cat parents are plenty skeptical that their pet will stay put long enough to photograph.

As a photographer, I engage with a cat totally differently than I would with a dog. For cat portraits, I create a quiet environment in your pet's home. I let your cat's natural curiosity set the pace of the photo shoot. I have lots of fun ways to keep your kitty interested. And of course, you are involved in the process too. Your kitty will be most comfortable with you assisting on the sidelines! It will truly be a memorable experience that you will be able to cherish forever as a literal work of art.

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