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  • Why should I invest in Fine Art pet photography?
    Our pets spend their entire lives with us, but they only life for a fraction of our lives. My passion is to render beautiful images for you to cherish your pets memories for the rest of your life. I will make a character study of your pet so you can hold on to those particular expression that make your pet who they are.
  • Is it possible to photograph cats?
    Yes! Cats can be shy but with patience, we can make some lasting memories. Pet photography is an art in an of itself! Click to see how much I can accomplish in one session!
  • Can we still do a photo shoot if my dog is hyper?
    Yes. All dogs are different. Some require more patience than others. We will discuss your dog and how a pet photography session happens. All dogs should get their beauty shot!
  • Do you have a studio?
    I do not...but you do! I offer on location studio style photography. Your pet will be more comfortable in a familiar location ensuring the best conditions so they can be themselves in front of the camera. I will bring my lights and backdrop to create a small studio at your place!
  • How do I prepare my pet for the photoshoot?
    Before the session we will have a phone consultation so I can get some background information about your pet so I can plan your shoot. Is your pet high or low energy? Treat motivated? Toy motivated? Quirks? Pro tip: Just before the session, walk your dog. A tired dog is a good dog ;-)
  • Can I be participate in the photoshoot?
    Yes!!! In fact, your participation is critical to the success of the session. As the pet parent, your pet will be the most expressive around you, allowing me to capture those fleeting expression that you hold so dear. Together we will create a poignant record of your pet.
  • How long will the photo shoot take?
    Budget around 2 hours total. Upon arrival at your location, I will set up my backdrop, lights in about 20 minutes. We will budget up to one hour for the actual photoshoot once everything is ready. Every pet is different and we will go at their pace, not ours. Patience is the operative word. After the session, I will pack up in about 10 minutes. We will then review the images and select the ones you would like to purchase a la carte.
  • How long will it take to get my photos after the photoshoot?
    In most cases, you will have the retouched final images with in 2-3 business days.
  • Do you sell digital images?
    Yes, I sell digital images. I also can create beautiful wall art, albums and prints of your furry friend's pet photography session. Ask me for more details.
  • Do you make framed art, prints and albums of the pet photographs?
    I work with a professional lab to craft museum quality prints, albums, framed art to honor the priceless artwork I create for you. Pet portraits should have the same quality as people portraits imho! Ask me about product options and how you wish to remember your furry friend.
  • Do you sell artwork from the pet photography session?
    Yes. Your pet deserves to be memorialized in a framed print or in an album to cherish for years to come. Ask me about more details.
  • How do I book a Fine Art pet photoshoot?
    Send me a message so we can schedule a phone call. I'll be happy answer any questions you may have.
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